Why are you worth what you charge?

My hourly weekend portrait rate is $1000. This is driven primarily by demand. Many years ago, I started (surprise!) at $40 per session and each time I couldn't handle the volume I increased my rate. Several years later, here I am. During this time I have made  several investments to improve my equipment, product & service. I have duplicate equipment, $1 million liability insurance, a reliable backup system for your images, and most importantly a tremendous experience photographing clients. My experience allows me to think quickly on my feet if anything should go wrong. You want to invest in an experienced professional who has been frequently, and glowingly, reviewed and who is continually honing the craft of photography. I have repeat clients that tried another photographer, but returned to me because the quality they received elsewhere was not on par with the portfolio shown. This is why I believe in showing 100% of my sessions in my online portfolio.

"The amateur makes great photos when everything is going right. The professional makes great photos when everything is going wrong. That's what you're paying for." - Unknown

Do you run mini sessions? Discounts?

My style of photography is about capturing you and your family's spirit and unfortunately rushing you to a set location in a 15 minute time slot would not allow me to create the images you see on my website. Mini sessions are offered by photographers that specialize in them; they need to be scheduled back to back with a specific backdrop to make it profitable for the photographer. Because I provide a boutique service and offer as much flexibility I can (babies are babies and New England weather is predictably unpredictable) I cannot provide the quality I do in 15 minutes. My sessions last around 45 minutes to just over an hour depending on the mood of your children (and parents). Instead of discounts, I offer a loyalty program for repeat clients.

Do you backup images?

Of course. I make both a digitally redundant and physically redundant copy of your images the same night as your session.

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