Do you provide high resolution images and a print release?

Yes. My base package includes approximately 80 images. The exact number of images are based on the flow of your session, what craziness ensues and the personalities / expressions of your children. I provide images that tell a story not just images to fill a quota. The images provided are curated to be the best representation of your family, removing unflattering and redundant images. I have never had a family complain that they had too many photos, nor not enough.

How long will it take to process my photos?

Processing takes three weeks. You will receive a highlight teaser of my favourite image from your session within two business days.  This gives you  an impression of the what we have captured while you wait for the full set.Feel free to  share with family & friends. If you tag me when sharing on social media you will earn a credit towards a future session.

How do you make us feel comfortable in front of the camera?

I have an uncanny ability to make people relax (check my customer reviews).  I am friendly, and most personalities find me calming. Body language is something you can easily read in images, so please take a look at my portfolio as it speaks for itself. I show 100% of sessions that sign my model release. Everyone looks comfortable because they are. I am good at creating a relaxing environment. Not everyone is a supermodel and it is my job to make everyone look like the best version of themselves.

Do you sell prints or albums?

I do offer these services. Albums start at $400 for a 10x10 linen album, or $600 for a classic leather album. Album layout-only services start at $280 allowing you to use your printer of choice. You are free to make prints from your high resolution JPEG files, but if you prefer access to professional labs, I can provide that. Samples of print quality is shown in your complimentary prints.

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I am very interested in the family film. How does this work?

This is a brand new service I am launching in 2019. For the last 2 years, I have been filming short clips for at home newborn sessions and birthday parties  and now I am finally confident in adding it as an add-on service. I always felt that the personalities of children couldn't fully be captured solely in photos. Their intonations, expressions and giggles could only truly be documented with video. I have worked hard to develop my film-making skills and currently am offering them as a complimentary add-on service. Please note that I will require additional time to create these films so that will increase the time of your session.  Please expect your session to be 1.5 - 2 hours in length. Turnaround for family films may take up to 1 month to edit. In terms of location, my style can be guerrilla hand-held style, or if you prefer a smoother look it has to take place in the home. Additional equipment is required to produce a smoother finished film so it prevents me from being as mobile.  For samples, please see the family films page in this notebook that link to Vimeo. The Cambridge Central Square video was handheld, while the at home pajama session was filmed with additional equipment. I love both styles, and I hope you will too. In order for this style of film to be created, I take a much less heavy-handed approach in directing. I will watch and document your family as you play, or carry about your day.  Kids are unpredictable and that is what will make your family film real. Laughs, cries, and everything in between make for interesting film elements. So just enjoy the ride and don't have any preconceived expectations. This film would not work for a heavily directed and posed session. Please educate your partner by having them watch my films so that they know what to expect. Please note that this is a limited time only until I build my portfolio with family films.  Baby 1 Year package families can relax though as this will be a complimentary add-on if desired throughout the package length.

And if family films aren't for you, that's 100% OK. There are certainly tradeoffs with films as I can't take photos and make films at the same time. If your priority is to create heirloom images for your walls, then we will just stick 100% to photos. Besides, this is what i'm known for.


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