New in 2019, films will become a larger portion of my delivered product. I offer this to those interested but I do have to emphasize that time must be given to create these films. Do know the more time I am allowed to do video (cooperative babies, calm partners, relaxed families), the longer and more polished your film will be. That said a good rule is about 1 minute of film will be produced from 10 minutes of session time. It always seems that time slows down when you're being filmed, but I guarantee you that I shoot about 10-30 second clips maximum at a time before moving positions, adjusting or directing you. I do require that families understand not to drift their eyes, get easily distracted or check their phones during this time.

newborn Films

suggestions for success

- Show your partner samples of my home videos so they know they don't have to always stare while smiling at the camera (trust me, it looks weird), but they also have to be engaged with the family  while I am filming. Since this is not as heavily directed, if someone becomes disengaged mid shot, the entire sequence cannot be used and those newborn smiles and toddler cooperation moments are limited and fleeting!  

- Let go of any preconceived notion of how it will turn out. If I sense the baby is calm, I will take the time to grab some film clips after each setup. If baby is fussy I will prioritize images over filmmaking

- Engage with the children and family. It's all about movement and interaction so don't worry about keeping still, but do be cognizant that drifting eyes, constant adjustments of clothing or bad habits will be less forgiving in film as I can't remind you during filming sequences to stop.