The types of images I capture are all about expression, and interaction. I will send a questionnaire to gain an understanding of your priorities but do know if you want a bunch of classic family portraits where everyone is staring at the camera and smiling in different combinations, I am not the photographer for you. My sessions are interactive and filled with laughter and unexpected moments. It's directed, but not completely scripted. I do not have a studio nor do I bring backdrops and a tonne of props. I use your home to create the backdrop to your session and supply a limited number of newbron wraps since baby clothes don't fit at this stage. Please ensure your partner and any other participating adult is aware of my style. My style includes both a lifestyle family portion plus a posed feature newborn section. Together they create a unique product that many photographers do not offer.

session STYLE

- 2 adults and up to 3 children (extra adults +$30pp | extra child +$40pp)
- pricing not valid for family reunion and mixed family sessions


Suggestions for success

- Please don't bring extra family members or baby sitters as often kids get distracted (everyone knows the grandparent that yells off to one side frantically to get the kids to look at them) and will result in missed photos and also drifting eyes during films
- If you have a pet know that these photos aren't guaranteed and safety is paramount. Every pet adjusts differently, just like toddlers. I'll of course always do my best.
- Share samples of my work with your partner so they know what to expect
- Please access the outfit planning tool as soon as possible so you can start working on what to wear (you want coordinated, not matching nor identical)
- Send photos of your home if it's ready (this is a part of the questionnaire)
- Anticipate that nothing will fit well, but you will be closer to maternity wear than pre-baby clothing. Loose and flowy usually does the trick.
- Read all included prep work