Hello, I'm Bella, a Boston (specifically Somerville-based) photographer. Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in my services. I know there are a plethora of photographers out there, so here's what sets me apart from the others.

I photograph several sessions per week in the off-season and as many as 15 per week during September through January. I shoot in all conditions and environments (from homes to city streets, and from forests to beaches). My years of experience photographing hundreds of families and children of all ages fostered an innate instinct to capture the right shot, regardless of personalities and family dynamics. My success as a photographer embraces this ability to adapt to the situation and think quickly on my feet. Taking the photo is about 1% of what I do, the other 99% is creating the right circumstance for the perfect photo opportunity. My technical expertise in understanding light, composition, and posing, combined with my reading of you and your children, (and quick reflexes!) together create the beautiful images you see on my site, which my families enjoy framed in their homes. Each session is different from the next, as I strive to make the experience unique and different, but also because each family is unique. My philosophy is to keep things simple. I also like to keep my pricing simple. There is one cost for our time together, my editing and your digital images. That’s it. I do not charge based on individual images, nor do I set up  viewing sessions or practice high pressure sales tactics. You book your session, you have an incredible time with me and you receive gorgeous family images to print and display any way you choose. This is what has helped me become one of the most in demand photographers in Boston.

I am proud to tell you that there is a reason I'm one of the most sought after and well-reviewed photographers in the Boston area. I hope this magazine will help guide you in making your decision and I look forward to the opportunity to photograph the important people in your life.

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