When I choose my own photographer, my priority is to see examples of their complete sessions. I want to ensure that they can handle all types of personalities and body types. And I want to see several different galleries. 

When it comes to my business I want to be able to show people all that I can do with their family and their moments. My portfolio doesn't show styled sessions, hired models or mountain tops because that's not your typical Boston session. I show real homes and locations with real families. I show cramped homes with small windows (Hello Cambridge and South End houses!), I show alleys and streets (because secretly I love these locations the best), I show how I handle crazy toddlers and I show every session that I shoot, so long as my client has signed by model release.  Nothing is hidden; I pride myself in being able to deliver with every session. I don't cherry pick cooperative families that are ripped from magazine covers. I show it all and I'm proud of it. I photograph clients 3-15 times a week, all with different styles, unique personalities and individual beauty.

I am one of the most in-demand photographers in Boston because I consistently deliver. I have repeat business because people love their experience with me. I have clients that see me 1-4 times per year.  This is because I deliver a product that makes them happy and they know they can expect quality. A photographer is so much more than a person with a nice camera. Excellent photographers develop and use your emotions, your outfits, your quirks, and your family dynamics in order to craft images that you will share and treasure. 

In order to how that I can deliver consistently I need images to share with my social media followers and my website. This is why I ask for a model release. This gives new clients the tools they need to make the right decision for them. Of course I understand some people prefer to keep their images private, and I offer that option to couples as well if so desired, for a small additional “privacy fee".

why a model release